Users are our heroes! How users help your product | TestingTime

Testing the usability of a product provides insights into users’ expectations, behavioral instincts, and design preferences and aversions. Choosing the right test and demographic as well as including users who have not yet tried your product can greatly influence your outcomes and help you design for all your users.

What is a usability test?

Why test your product?

What are the different usability tests?

The traditional moderated test

Unmoderated remote tests

UX surveys

Standardised surveys can be sent out multiple times over the course of the production phase as well as after the product launch to help monitor ratings and feedback.


In-house Tests

Be smart with your time

Schedule users through surveys

Combine your moderated user tests and interviews

Planning is key

Usability testing myths

Usability testing takes too much time

“If I were a user…”

Demographics are not important

Testing your product with the right demographic will give a clear indication of how your users will behave towards your product.

It’s too late to test

Final thoughts

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